There are many Drive/ VFD to select. Low cost Drive can only used for pump or conveyor application, and not for tension control application that need vector mode. Some drive can not be used for regenerative application.

What things to consider to get the right Drive?

▪️Rated Current.
Check drive rated current and check overload requirement. Drive that installed in high altitude should be derated too.

▪️Input Voltage and Voltage Class.
Check required input & output drive voltage.

▪️DC or AC Precharge Input.
If connected to DC Bus , choose the one that has built in DC Precharge input.

▪️Drive Mode selection.
Most of drive has Volt/Hertz mode but not Vector mode.

▪️Not all drive can accept External Torque and Trim Torque reference.
Need to send extenal inertia comp. or load sharing? Not all drive have this feature.

▪️Enough space to install drive
Check drive dimension.

▪️Not all drive can accept negative Speed Reference.
Some drive model only has unipolar speed reference and only use the reverse command.

▪️Some drive can not show Negative Value Feedback.
Check this, In case torque and speed feedback for external control is required.

▪️Not all drive has Negative Limit parameter.
Need to limit negative torque or limit the reverse speed? Some drive model don’t have this option.

▪️Drive Scan time or Bandwitdh.
If the application need very responsive drive , pay attention on drive bandwith and response.

▪️Conformal Coating drive.
Can protect it from moisture, dust & corrosion.

▪️Harmonic Mitigation drive.
Check whether your application need to mitigate Harmonic from drive. If required, have drive with Active Front End. Some Powerflex 755T drive has built in Active Front End

▪️Consider drive precision.
The accuracy some of low cost drive is not high. Drive like Powerflex 755T has higher torque accuracy for torque control.

▪️Need build in Braking Module?
Not all drive has build in braking / chopper module. Not all drive has DC Terminal too.

▪️It is for Continuous Regenerative application?
For Unwind or regenerative application, consider drive with built in Active Front End, external regenerative module or DC common bus.

▪️Not standard motor?
Need to drive non standard induction motor? Make sure the drive that selected can be used.

▪️Option for Communication card.
Consider this, if drive need to be controlled by PLC

▪️Option for Safe Off module.
Check the safety requirement. Not all drive has safe off module option.

▪️Option for Speed Feedback module.
Some drive model don’t have option for speed feedback module. Some model can accept special encoder type.

▪️Consider drive I/O.
Some drive model have an option for relay output, analog output for meter, analog input for potentio etc

▪️Some drive model can be configured as Position Control.
Allen Bradley Powerflex 525 and 755 drive can be configured as motion control drive.