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Printing Machine

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This is diagram one of Printing Machine that has been partial upgraded to reduce the cost and prevent unplanned downtime.

The Printing Machine consist of Main DC Drive that drive 4 Printing Unit, Rewinder, Unwinder, Auto Splicing Control , Infeed, Outfeed, Sidelay Register Control and Exhaust Fan.

The Printing Machine is controlled by obsolete Reliance Automax, obsolete Maxpax III drive and SLC Remote I/O that connected to Automax AB RIO module

To prevent unscheduled long downtime and expensive spare part, the parts that no longer available and rare in the market is replaced. As it takes a couple months to do engineering and waiting for the replacement part, in case these obsolete parts is broken.
Reliance Automax then replaced with Control Logix and Maxpak III DC drive was replaced with Powerflex DC Drive.

In order to keep project cost within the budget ,while reducing cost and installation time ,SLC Remote I/O rack, existing cabinet and accesories ( MCB, Fuse, terminal block etc) is reused and integrated to the new control.

After Automax already migrated to Control Logix, downtime is reduced more since it is much easier to troubleshoot in Control Logix than in Automax. All tag/variable is live displayed in function block page. Integrated Fast trend graphic also make troubleshooter easily understand the interaction between machine section and easily identify the problem.
Any drive data also easily shown and recorded for analysis

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