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HMI Pre-engineered for Drive VFD Powerflex 525 through Modbus RTU


Pre-engineered HMI for real time monitor, Trend, Alarm, remote access. Pre loaded with Fan/ Pump , PID Control , Positioning and General application Screen.


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With Remote Access, Trend, Alarm log, Wizard, Diagnostic and IOT capability

Pre-order is 15 Days.

This Pre-engineered Weintek 7″ HMI used to connect to Allen Bradley Powerflex 525 Drive /VFD through Modbus RTU. It has Realtime Data Monitor, Setup Wizard, Alarm/ Event Log, Graphic Trend . Wiring Diagram, Manual, Specification and Important Information integrated in HMI.

This preloaded Weintek 7” HMI directly connect to the Powerflex 525 Drive without the need of PLC.  Wide range application configuration like Fan/ Pump , PID Control , Position Control, Traverse for Textile / Fiber and Speed Ratio, accessible through HMI


Easy monitor drive through HMI everywhere as long connected to ethernet. Drive Start Stop can be from HMI

Easy configuration through Startup Wizard from HMI

Easy troubleshooting and Preventive Maintenance through History Trend, Event / Alarm Log Display on HMI

IOT ready using MQTT  with Published 6 preconfigured Address (Need AWS IOT subscription)

One year Warranty and Free Remote Support during first installation.

Specification :

Preconfigured Weintek 7” HMI MT8071IE (Already loaded with application)

Connect to one Drive only through Modbus RTU Communication (cable provided). Eithernet is setup for Upload Download and monitor.

Supply 24VDC

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 10 cm